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is an international brand incubator based in the heart of San Francisco. Inspired by the creative urban atmosphere and optimism of Berlin and combining it with the excellence of German engineering, the company creates innovative, original and valuable products that enrich the home and make life easier. Its passion is staying ahead of current trends with innovative products that are accessible to a wide range of customers.

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Klarstein brings exciting products to your home, fusing stylish design and superior function – all with an added splash of color. Our concepts are as individual and distinctive as Berlin itself, the city we call home and from which we draw our inspiration. Whether you are cooking your family dinner or storing wine for a party with friends, Klarstein can provide you with all the necessary kitchen helpers. And if space is limited – but your appetite for healthy and delicious food isn’t – Klarstein is the smart choice to inspire new possibilities. With a superior selection of range hoods, air cleaners and humidifiers, Klarstein can provide you with clean and healthy air in every room in your home.

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At Klarstein, our passion is enriching your life and expressing your style at an affordable price. That's why our engineers and designers work so hard on everything we make. And why we take your feedback so seriously. Reviews provide us with important insights from the people who use our products every day, helping us to improve your experience.

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From tech to techno, Berlin is in tune with the pulse of world culture. Berlin Brands Group draws inspiration from the diversity of its city to develop and support cutting edge brands. Our company possesses a unique opportunity to provide its customers with an authentic and innovative perspective operating from Germany´s capital.

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auna was born in the heart of Berlin's ambitious and creative music scene. We're the global brand for people who aren't afraid to be the first one onto the dancefloor or the loudest singer at karaoke.

Since 2007, auna has offered customers a diverse portfolio of consumer audio technology guaranteeing musical enjoyment at home and on the move. Our trend-savvy customers demand performance and style that is affordable, which we are committed to delivering.

auna knows that style is an integral part of overall satisfaction, and we have dedicated ourselves to helping you get the most from you listening experience while enriching your decor. However, you aren't the only one listening, auna values your feedback and incorporates it into the development process to ensure that our relationship lasts.

The seeds of Blumfeldt were planted early with the recognition that outdoor living adds to your happiness. A desire to enjoy the outdoors is natural and good, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or style. We view life outside as an extension of your home and yourself, a place to relax in comfort, away from everyday stress, where you can simply enjoy being. Lounge in the shade or lie in the sun, we’ll be there with you. Blumfeldt believes in providing home owners with everything they need and want, from sun loungers to garden helpers. We strive to be the right source for whatever you need for favorite outdoor activities.

Whether you enjoy relaxing on cozy patio furniture or getting your hands dirty gardening, Blumfeldt has what you need. Our planters and watering systems will make sure everything you plant has a chance to bloom. We can also help you with decoration, including fountains, fire places and small inflatable pools. And if you only have a small terrace or balcony – no problem – we’ll inspire you so you can create your own private island of tranquility, with Blumfeldt.

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Our wide range of useful and appealing products includes:

Kitchen equipment for both everyday cooks and for adventurers working to develop the next sensation.

Household appliances for every room to make chores a breeze.

Products for indoor environmental control to help keep you healthy and you allergies in check.

Our wide range of useful and appealing products includes:

Waterproof speakers for outdoor adventures.

High quality internet radios and vinyl players with unique designs.

High-performance microphones for creating your own soundscapes.

Our selection of products has matured to reflect these values and includes:

Everything you need to make your yard an inviting oasis you’ll never want to leave again.

Flexible outdoor heating solutions from Blumfeldt so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces for more of the year.

Practical gadgets for your outdoor spaces like flowerbed watering systems, and fun décor like small fountains and other decorative items.